Trains, Tantrums, and Temperatures…

Our Christmas day began at 5:30 (much earlier than we had hoped) with Jonah crying and running a fever. I gave Jonah some medicine, turned on the Christmas lights and settled in the recliner to wait for Ray to get up and open presents with us. Jonah and I watched a little bit of the old-school Rudolph until he got bored and then switched it to one of Jonah’s favorites–the Backyardigans. As the sun was rising and starting to brighten the house, I noticed Jonah was eyeing the presents and a few that we had taken out of the boxes so that he could play with it immediately. (17-month olds aren’t very patient while you take things out of the packaging!) Thankfully Ray woke up before Jonah made a dash to the tree. Jonah loved his new toys. He got a large shape-sorting train, the “little people” train, the “little people” barn, an Elmo, the Wonderpets stuffed animals and a mommy-made cape to go with them, clothes, and so much more! He kept saying “Choo!Choo!” all morning long. He danced to the music the toys played and made lots of animal sounds! He had fun! Ray’s granny came over for breakfast: cinnamon rolls and sausage egg casserole. While we were eating Jonah fell asleep in his highchair. He really wasn’t feeling well and was still running a fever. He took a nap while Ray and I baked a cake to take to with us to the Christmas dinner with some of Ray’s family. After Jonah woke up from a short nap, he was very cranky. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and he only got worse. He didn’t want to eat, drink or play with anything and literally threw himself in the floor and rolled around, kicking and screaming for a while. Ray took him upstairs and put him back in his bed…that did the trick. He went back to sleep for a while and woke up smiling. Goodness, tantrums are NOT fun! That was the first time we’ve seen Jonah act like that…and we didn’t like it. The only good thing about the tantrum was that he threw it at home instead of in public. We enjoyed dinner with some of Ray’s family. It was yummy! Jonah got an Elmo guitar that plays fun noises and he was dancing for everyone. It was funny! We had to leave early because it felt like Jonah’s fever spiked high again. When we got home it was 104.4! Needless to say, we gave him some Motrin and waited for it to go down a little before we put him to bed. (Jonah always runs a high fever so we try not to panic even though it seems really high to us) It was a rough night…Jonah woke up several times during the night (he usually sleeps all night). When he finally woke up for good this morning he was running a high fever still! I took him to the doctor’s office and he was definitely sick. They checked his white blood cell count (it was high again!), took blood for a blood culture, did a catheter to check for something, and gave him an antibiotic shot. YUCK! He hated it, but they’ve done it before. Poor baby. Hopefully nothing will show up in his blood culture and he’ll feel better soon. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with friends and family!

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