I wanna bite…

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Anyone that’s been around Jonah knows he’s a great eater…we have been so blessed! Peas, carrots, green beans, peaches, pineapple, you name it…he’ll eat it! (The only thing he doesn’t like so far are hot dogs. WEIRD.) The other little thing about Jonah and eating…he begs…like a dog. It’s pretty funny. Any time Ray or I have a snack he will stand in front of us and make whining noises. Next, the jumping starts. If we still ignore him, he erupts into a scream. It doesn’t matter what the food is. He wants it. NOW. Even if he just finished eating a full meal. Jonah is fully capable of saying “bite” but doesn’t always use his words. We often ask, “Do you want a bite” to help encourage Jonah to use words, but he hasn’t really picked up on it yet….that is until now. Check out Jonah’s latest new skill (sorry it’s a little dark, I forgot to turn on the bright light):

It seems like Jonah’s vocabulary is growing every day. Here’s a list of Jonah’s words so far: Mama, Dada, no-no, kitty, ball, bite, night-night, go bye-bye, uh-oh, poo-poo, choo-choo, shoes, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”, woof-woof, moo, baa, duck, quack-quack, brrr (when it’s cold outside). From the looks of this and all of the jabbering he’s been doing….he’s a talker! I wonder who he gets that from?

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