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Letting Go...

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"Mothers hold their children's hands for a little while, their hearts forever."

This quote was swirling around in my head this week as I watched Jonah take a step closer to growing up. In true Sara fashion, I have enjoyed bumming around the house in my pajamas too much lately. And now that Ray is working from home, we sometimes have to force ourselves to leave the house. It hasn't always been that way (quite the opposite really), but we've grown to be homebodies. The thing about being a former-social-butterfly-homebody is that you can only stay in your pajamas so long. So, I did what any girl would do and called a friend and said "Get me out of this house before I pull my hair out!" knowing full well that she'd been stuck in her house with a sick toddler and a newborn. (Talk about needing to get out!) We decided to meet at the mall, eat Chick-fil-a, and let the kids play at the toddler playground inside the mall since it's been raining nonstop this week. Jonah had never been to this particular playground before and I wasn't sure how he would act or even if he was big enough to be there. I kept wondering "Would he really play? Would he know what to do? Would he have fun?" As soon as I took off his shoes and placed his feet on the floor, he was gone to explore his new surroundings. I watched as he confidently ran from each of the activities among the pint-sized strangers. I was amazed at how brave he was. When someone bumped into him and knocked him down, he stood right back up and kept going. It's really a surreal thing to watch your sweet little baby run around the playground with the "big kids" and never look back. It is at that moment that you realize that this is the beginning of letting go of the tight grip that you once had on their tiny fingers as they learned to take their first steps just a few months ago. (Sniff, Sniff) Independence...something I couldn't wait for Jonah to gain, but now that it's here I'm wishing I could hit the rewind button. Thankfully, we have several years before he goes to kindergarten. Somebody pass the tissues! (Sniff)

Jonah at 6 months

Sharing is caring!


Sunday 18th of January 2009

Very sweet! It goes by way too quickly!

If you go to my Etsy store you can send me a convo with your email address in it. That way you don't have to make it public anywhere!

Thanks Sara!


Sunday 11th of January 2009

It goes by quick! I remember thinking the same thing when I took Clark to that play area. I still followed him like a hawk! I wasn't ready to admit I had a toddler on my hands instead of my precious baby. The great thing I have noticed is has each day passes, I love my children more. You wouldn't think that possible, but it's amazing how God has given mothers the capacity to love.

If you ever get in that same cabin fever predictament, you can always call on me too. I love getting out because I am not a homebody( though I thought I was). AND THANKS so much for helping me with the dishes at church!!!