Jonah’s 2nd Sesame Street Birthday Party

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Just wanted to show some highlights of Jonah’s 2nd birthday….I made the flag pennant for the table (it was super, super easy and took only a few minutes)

A close up of the cupcakes I made…Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird

Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, oreo mouth, piped icing for the rest. Super cute.

Elmo Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, gumdrop nose, piped icing for the rest. Also Super Cute!

Big Bird Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, gumdrop cut in half for mouth, piped icing for the rest. Cute, but not really what I had envisioned…should’ve piped more icing for the eyes to look more like Big Bird, but the kids knew who it was.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes-marshmallow eyes, oreo mouth, mini chocolate chip cookies “in his mouth”, piped icing for the rest.

Cupcake tower
Elmo & his pet fish Dorothy Centerpiece
Gift Table
This party brought to you by the letter J and the number 2… Homemade Playdough (better than store-bought) to keep the kids busy while we wait for everyone to get there.

Blowing out the candles…

It was a great party! Jonah loved it! I had a lot of fun preparing everything…even though my hand is still numb from piping icing on all of the cupcakes. 48 to be exact. Yes, I am an overachiever, especially when it comes to making the most of things for those I love. I’ve already started making a list of ideas for next year’s theme….

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  1. I LOVE the Oscar cupcakes! Cute!

  2. Southern Fried Gal says:

    Too cute! Strangely enough my topic for DIY was cupcakes, too! I love the tower the most – adorable. And the J's and 2's are pretty clever as well!

  3. Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE THIS IDEA! Thanks for sharing!Come check out my TRANSOFORMATION end table at DIY DAY!

  4. Adorable!!! good job! I want to have a party!

  5. Hi there. I found your post via oneprettything & am so happy I did! I have a good friend planning a Sesame Street party for her wee one & your cupcakes are the cutest ever–she's going to flip! Thanks so much :).

  6. I am so excited to do letter "B" and number "2" cookies for my son's upcoming birthday… very cute idea!

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