Pasta…It’s to “dye” for!

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What do you do when your pantry is full of pasta and you still have coupons to get more pasta for 30 cents a box? You dye it!

Easy-Peasy Dyed Pasta Tutorial
fun-shaped pasta
rubbing alcohol
food coloring

-Place pasta in a plastic bag

-Pour a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol into the bag (I didn’t measure…neither should you!)
-Place a few drops of food coloring into the bag.
-Close bag and Shake! (If you have a zipper bag your little helper could do this part! My helper was sleeping and I only had really, really, really cheap bags or my special freezer bags to choose from…yes, the bags were so thin I needed to double bag my pasta!)

-Pour your pasta onto a plate with a paper towel and let it dry!

-If your little one becomes impatient, place it outside to speed up the drying time….

Now you have colored pasta for lots of activities….
  • Sorting by colors
  • Sorting shapes of pasta (bowties, corkscrews, penne, etc.)
  • Counting Pasta
  • Making Patterns
  • Pasta Art
  • “Which one doesn’t belong?” (3 of the same, 1 different)

Just a side note: Jonah (2 years old) immediately started sorting without much guidance from Mommy! He sorted by colors (I only gave him 2 colors to start with) and he sorted by shape (I gave him all the same color and he sorted “butterflies” and “horns”…he even named the pasta!)
I used dyed pasta in my kindergarten class all the time for cheap manipulatives for math skills/games. The possibilities are endless!
Now go dye pasta, your kids will think you’re even more awesome than you already are…

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  1. Buzzings of a Queen Bee! says:

    Love this idea! Thank you for showing us how to do it! 🙂
    P.S. Congrats on "moving on up" too!

  2. Love this idea!!

  3. At first glance I thought this was a craft for making a stoplight. Now I see that it's awesome colored pasta – and in such vibrant colors, too!

  4. Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... says:

    Would the same work for rice???
    nscrofan at rogers dot com

  5. Yes! This would work for rice! A big tub of rainbow rice would be so much fun to play in!


  1. […] and I had some rainbow fun! We used the same method we used last year for dying pasta to mix up a batch of Rainbow Rice. Jonah has been having loads of fun moving rainbow rice with his […]

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