Mommy & Me: Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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Snow is a precious commodity around our region. We get snow, just not very often. Nor does it stay around very long once it finally snows. So, we often have to make our own. Enter…Coffee Filter Snowflakes.

Help preschoolers strengthen fine motor skills and get cutting practice with coffee filter snowflakes. It makes a great winter decoration and is easy for kids to practice cutting.

Jonah still needs LOTS of practice with scissors. LOTS. He keeps wanting to rotate his hand like a contortionist to try to cut paper. The only way I know to help him is to provide plenty of opportunities to let him practice and continue to guide his hands in the right direction. Literally. There is still lots of hand-over-hand help from me in this area. The problem with doing something that can be frustrating for a preschooler (or any age, really) is that when it isn’t fun or purposeful, they don’t want to do it. So, I masked the sometimes frustrating task of cutting with making Coffee Filter Snowflakes. Instant interest from Jonah. Mommy Score!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Materials Needed:

  • Coffee Filters
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the coffee filter in half several times. (Remember the more you fold, the thicker the layers to cut through. I found that Jonah had a hard time with it folded in sixths.)
  2. Cut designs on the folds.Preschool Cutting Practice: Coffee Filter Snowflakes
  3. Unfold! Jonah loved the anticipation of this step, and couldn’t wait to see the designs!
  4. Display somewhere that makes you happy. We made a bunch and taped them to our large picture window in our kitchen.Taping Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coincidentally, letting Jonah use the tape himself was also a fine motor skill activity hidden in disguise. Jonah thinks tape is fun, so he is super motivated to use it. Little does he know I was giving his little hand muscles a workout! Sneaky Mommy! We had so much fun with this activity that we actually extended snowflake cutting over a few days. Jonah kept asking to make more. That is a success in my book!
Help preschoolers strengthen fine motor skills and get cutting practice with coffee filter snowflakes. It makes a great winter decoration and is easy for kids to practice cutting.

Snow Books for Kids

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  1. I love this activity! We made some this weekend too! I lead the kid time during bible study.. we let them color them first.. then sprayed them with water.. then let them dry and cut them.. they are kinda tied dyed looking but the kiddos had a blast and it wasn’t too messy!

    • Great minds think alike 😉 I have always loved the coloring on coffee filters and spraying them with water thing, too. When I do it, I always make butterflies with them.

  2. I’ve never thought to do this with coffee filters. Very cute!

  3. Going to try this with some coffee filters we no longer use. My son is on winter break from school so I’ll be trying this with both my kiddos. Looks like fun!


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