Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat

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One of my favorite tools I used in my Kindergarten classroom were plastic Letter Tiles. Beginning readers love to manipulate letters and practice phonics  with hands-on activities. Now that Jonah is old enough, they are one of his favorite things to work with, too. I recently made a few Letter Tile Spelling Mats to go along with this tool and help Jonah spell some things.

Construction Sensory Bin with Free Printable Letter Tile Spelling Mats

We’ve been studying Big Machines at the Construction Site, so I made a Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat for him and paired it with the Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin. I placed the letters inside the rice and he used his construction toys (bulldozers, dump trucks, etc.) to find the letters. When he found the letters, he matched them to the letters on the Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat. He loved it!

And because I love my faithful readers, I made a Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat Free Printable to go with the Big Machines Theme that we’ve been doing at our house and over at Totally Tots. I thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

Free Printable Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat by

Click here to download the Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mats (1069 downloads)

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  1. What a fun idea! I always forget all the great ways to help kids spell and recognize letters. Thank you for the wonderful reminder

  2. LOVE these!!! I have followed Carisa for years and love all of her stuff!! I didn’t know you were doing Kindergarten also!!! That is awesome.

    • Hey Becky! I am a featured writer over at Totally Tots. I write the “Simply Made” and some of the “Once Upon A Book” posts. I taught Kindergarten in my “former life”…before kids. We won’t start official kindergarten for Jonah until the fall. I am sorting through curriculum choices as I type! My head is spinning!

  3. This is great.
    We’re all about learning-letters right now.
    Lydi would love this!

  4. Your letter tile spelling mats are perfect for early spelling and phonics development. I have a Kindergartner at home and I am going to download them to use with him this summer. One of our favorite ways to practice our spelling/letters is with shaving cream on the counters! He loves to get messy but with the shaving cream he is a breeze to clean up:) Also his teacher just sent home a link for his school spelling lists on There are tons of free games to play…Hang Mouse is one of his favorites:) Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Yes, shaving cream is a favorite here, too! If you put it on a cookie sheet (and it actually stays on the sheet) you can just spray it off in the sink. If you follow the link, there is a video tutorial for how to make your own, too! Enjoy! 🙂

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