Parking Lot Beginning Math Game

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Jonah and I have been slowly, but surely getting ready for my next post on Totally Tots. (It goes up on Thursday, but every day is full of pure preschool awesomeness around there!) One of the things we’ve been playing often is the Parking Lot Game! It’s fairly simple, but Jonah loves it!

Parking Lot Game

Materials needed:

  1. Dice (We used our new Education Cubes)
  2. Ten Cars or other small space markers
  3. Parking Lot Game Beginning Math Mat (click to download)


  1. Roll the dice
  2. Count the dots on the dice or identify the number
  3. Place a car in the correct “Parking Space”
  4. The first person to fill up their parking lot wins!

It’s a fairly simple game, but just hard enough for Jonah during this time of learning to identify numbers. Jonah’s interest level with numbers is really low for some reason. He would much rather talk about the alphabet and their sounds. I’ve been trying to come up with some fun ways to get Jonah interested in learning numbers. Like most boys, using his cars was a sure fire way to get Jonah’s interest!

I’ve made a printable available for you and your little one to play the Parking Lot Game! Feel free to download it and use it over and over! I recommend printing the game mat on cardstock and laminating it for durability.

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  1. I’m filing this idea away for when my son is a bit older-he loves cars!!! Great idea to take what they love and use it to help them with something else. Have fun playing!!!

  2. Very cool. My kids like these types of games, so I’ll definitely “borrow” this idea.

  3. I love this! So simple. I hope it is okay if I pass this on to my families at work. They will all love it!

  4. Thanks. My 18 month old is really into cars. I can see him enjoying this in a little bit.

  5. Sara this is great! I’m going to use it this week in my preschool co-op group. I know they’ll love it!

  6. That looks like a pretty cook game for learning numbers. Sometimes simple is what we need. When things get to complex they cause frustration, but with simple a kid can celebrate every small success. And learning to count and identify numbers is a good skill to be learning!

  7. LOVE this idea. We have not purchased an education cube but it is on our list. My little girl loves cars and trucks. So, this would be a hit with her. Thanks for including the link to the download. I following from Show and Tell. Kerri

  8. awesome idea!! thanks for sharing

  9. HI! I just saw this post floating around Pintrest adn LOVE the idea. i have a question about the game and I may be over thinking it..hahah So I see the board has 10 spaces but the dice only has 6 sides? how do you get cars parked in the higher #’s??

    My guy LOVES cars adn we have PLENTY! We will be using this game..:)

  10. Looks like fun, but I’m trying to figure out how you get up to 10 with only one dice, isn’t it 1-6

  11. Thank you for sharing this! We are using your Parking Lot Game for sight words right now 🙂

  12. I love this idea!


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