No Fear

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As I sit here typing this, Jonah is climbing to the top of the coach (you know, the backrest part) and sliding down. He lands with a thud, giggles, and does it again. (But wait! Don’t call the police and tell them I’m neglecting Jonah…Ray is sitting on the couch with his super-fast reflexes at the ready) I know you’ve heard me say that Jonah is a daredevil, but I don’t think you fully believe me. So, here’s the proof we’ve been collecting since he became mobile:

Atleast he’s resourceful!

(Hmm…I don’t think the play table was made for this!)

(Rocking backwards in the rocking chair)

(He could climb the stairs before he could walk!)

With a start like this at such a young age, looks like we’ll eventually be at the ER around the time t-ball comes around, if not sooner. Not that I’m wishing for that, but I’m just being realistic. I mean really, where did this monkey behavior come from?

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  1. Dragon's Dolphin says:

    The monkey behavior came from the male chromosone side of the gene pool! My son at that age was climbing the shelves in our living room to get to the top of the 7 foot book case to get candy! and we were at the ER by the time he was 18 months when he threw a temper tantrum and threw himself into a door jam! ~Shelly~

  2. LOL! He is all boy! Love that slide shot!!

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