Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air

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We love simple science experiments at our house! The kids love getting to study science concepts through hands-on activities best and are always excited when we have a fun science activity to try. We have been studying air in our science time and took a few minutes to talk about how air is always around us, but we can’t always see it. This science experiment for kids is quick and easy!

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with only 3 household materials and less than five minutes

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air

Since air is invisible, it can be a tricky science topic for kids. You can feel air around you when it is windy and you can see leaves move, but you still can’t see air by itself. In order to help the kids “see air” and realize that air is everywhere we did a quick science activity to test for air. Testing for air is a really simple science experiment for kids. With just a few household items, you could set up this experiment in less than five minutes.

You will need:

  • Bowl with water
  • empty drink can or an empty, clear plastic bottle


Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air. You only need 3 simple household materials and five minutes.

Push the can or bottle into a bowl of water so it begins to fill up. Watch what happens to the water.

Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with 3 household materials and less than five minutes

You will see bubbles as the water pushes out air from inside the bottle. Most things that look empty are really full of air. So easy and your kids will be amazed!Simple Science Experiment for Kids: Testing for Air with 3 household materials and less than five minutes

I took a video of us performing the simple science experiment for the first time. You’ll notice that I didn’t give them the answer, but gave them thinking time and rephrased my question to help them. I want my kids to learn how to think and work it out. I knew they could get to the answer since we’ve been talking about the science concepts, but you’ll notice that they were talking so fast that other science terms came out. My point? Give the kids plenty of time to think and form their answer before you swoop in and tell them.

Want more air experiments for kids? Check out the book Science with Air!

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  3. Excellent experiment for preschoolers. Adding to my Preschool science board!

  4. This is great! I love simple science experiments…thanks for sharing at the Geeky Educational Linkup!

  5. Simple science experiments are the best ones for science-challenged moms like me. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday!

  6. These kids of experiments are perfect for kids, it is never too soon to learn about science. Thanks so much for linking up to the Parenting Pin it Party xx

  7. What a fun experiment! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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