A Trip to Florida (Part 1)

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We decided to hop in the van and drive to Florida to visit family for a few days. We left Chattanooga Friday afternoon, hit Atlanta during rush-hour (ugh!), and finally stopped in Valdosta for the night. Saturday morning we got up and ate the most impressive continental breakfast we’ve ever seen…make-it-yourself waffles, biscuits & gravy, bagels, fruit, etc. We got back on the road for a few miles and stopped at a Carter’s outlet to get a few things to complete Jonah’s summer wardrobe needs. While at Carter’s, Jonah spotted some shades that he wouldn’t take off…
We finally made it to Sebring, Florida Saturday afternoon. The rest of the day was spent catching up and letting Jonah get warmed up to everyone again since the last time he saw them was Thanksgiving. He had a blast playing ball in the front yard with Uncle Joseph and Uncle David. Grandpa, or PawPaw as Jonah calls him, took everyone out for ice cream after dinner just to see Jonah make a mess. Jonah’s sleeping schedule during traveling always gets out of whack and we were up extremely early…we just gave up and got ready for church. This afternoon we went to a park to play, but as you can see by the sign, it was a little HOT…Jonah played a little bit, but the slides were hot…the sand was sticky…and there was too much to explore!
We walked down the pier to see the water and look for fish, but couldn’t find any…Jonah spotted a boat and a duck.

Daddy and Jonah in their hats and shades!Jonah was very thirsty…and feeling independent. He didn’t want help with his water and most of it ended up on him. We had to change him in the car before we left because he was soaked!

Jonah and PawPaw played frisbee.

So far we’re having a good trip with very few mishaps. We’re playing it by ear and taking our time…the perfect vacation in our book. Stay tuned for more vacation updates…

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  1. FUN! FUN! FUN! those pictures are great! Jonah is styling in those glasses! Glad y’all are having fun!!

  2. Loftonhouse says:

    Your baby in now a big boy!!! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I can’t believe the play equipment was too hot. That’s hard to believe in March! Thanks for sharing your life on your blog. This is so fun to see your life and what’s been going on. I hope you can come to mommy’s night out on Sat. I would love to chat with you!

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