How do you deal with the excess amount of great ideas that you see on blogland that you add to your “to do” list? I remember seeing a simple party invitation with a Sesame Street theme somewhere around blogland, but now I can’t find it. I can sort of see it in my head, but the details are fuzzy. I know it involved a scallop circle punch for the head of Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar….which also leads me to the question….Any of my local peeps have a scallop circle punch I can borrow? I only have a circle and a square…although I can totally rationalize buying it ( I can always find an angle for placing stuff in the “need” list), I thought I might ask you first in an effort to be a good girl and stick to budget.

So I guess there were 3 questions to this rambling of a post:
1. How do you organize all of the ideas you find on blogland that you want to return to?
2. Does anyone know the link to the invitation I described?
3. Do any of my local peeps have a scalloped circle punch I can borrow?

**Edited to add: My hubby did a google search for me after my crazy searching efforts…he found the exact card I was looking for in 0.3 seconds. You can see it here. I’ll be making a version of this for Jonah’s birthday invitations.

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Beach Pictures

The camera and computer finally communicated…

“Where am I? I can’t see!”

“I hate the sand! Someone come rescue me!”

“Do we really have to stay on the beach? I want to go to the pool. I guess I’ll sit here and pout a while…”

“Again Dada! Again!”

“Yeah! I LOVE the pool!”

We’re back…

and I’m already peeling! Aghhh!!!

The good thing is the laundry’s already done. Whew! I love getting home from a trip and starting to unpack, but I hate the mess it makes! It looks like our luggage threw up everywhere….although the lil’ helper has done his fair share of “helping”. The crazy thing is we’re just packing it all up again to make another trip to another beach. (Hate me yet?HaHa!) We’re gearing up to see PawPaw, GaGa, Coe, and Didad (Jonah’s “names” for Grandpa, Grandma, Joe, and David).

My camera wasn’t cooperating today…or yesterday either. Stupid camera. I’m sure it’s operator error. There wasn’t too much to see….Jonah hated the sand. Again. So, there aren’t and of the pictures I had hoped for…like building sandcastles, burying daddy in the sand, or walking on the beach. Nope. Instead we have pictures of Jonah crying because his water shoes have tiny specks of sand on them or Jonah sitting in a chair pouting because we are at the beach instead of the pool. Sigh. Hopefully, my camera and my computer will start talking to each other again soon. Very soon.

Think positive, think positive… Jonah LOVES the pool! And when I say loves, I mean loves, with a capital L, the pool!!!! He was such a daredevil, but you already know that about him, right? He was jumping off the side, playing on the steps, and wanted “no hands” as he told me. Hmmm….maybe Jonah can convince daddy he needs a pool. HA!

We had quite a trip down…we definitely earned the vacation by the time we got there and got settled. Jonah’s tube worked its way out of his ear, which is perfectly fine. What was NOT fine, was the drainage coming from it. Lots and lots of yucky drainage…and a 104.5 fever. So, I made some calls, hunted down numbers for pharmacies in the area, made some more calls. “What do you mean, you don’t have that kind of medicine? Can you call the other pharmacy and get it? They don’t have the other medicine? What kind of craziness is this? Wait a minute, Ray, you missed the exit. Turn around…” I am thanking God so much for all of the provisions he made for us while we were on the road. From the sweet, sweet man at the Walgreens who tracked down the medicine and transferred part of Jonah’s info/prescription to CVS to the lady at the hotel that looked up numbers in the phonebook for me. Thank you. You have no idea the headaches you kept at bay for me. Your kindness will not be forgotten. Thank you CVS for the $25 gift card because of the transferred prescription. It made me do a happy dance all the way to the van and eased the tension in my shoulders.

We finally made it to the hotel, administered medicine, and got the fever to go away. Then we realized the air conditioning wasn’t working at all… we go again! Long story short…we slept in a total of 3 condos because the first 2 had broken A/C units. Hmm…I really, really tried to “keep my cool” about the situation, but in Florida with a broken air conditioner and a sick baby, it was hard. I bit my lip a bunch. In the end it all worked out. We got a room with a working a/c unit 3 days into the trip, Jonah started feeling better, and then to smooth things over the condo gave us a bottle of wine and a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant….free dinner for our anniversary….Yes! Ahhh, then the vacation started. Did I mention my husband got me a massage for our anniversary? Yeah. He totally rocks!

Three Years Ago…

we became Mr. & Mrs. Happy Brown House
(ok, ok, so really it was Mr. & Mrs. of the dumpy duplex we fondly named the “dumplex”, but hey, we quickly moved on to bigger and better things)…

Little did we know a year later we’d go to “and baby makes three” status…

We’ve had our ups and downs, but there is no one I’d rather spend my life with. I’m so glad God kept putting us in each other’s path…even when we couldn’t see the potential. Thank you for teaching me what it means to truly love someone. Here’s to many more wonderful years. Happy Anniversary! I love you!

A Little R & R

By the time you read this, we will hopefully be a few hours into our trip (atleast we’d better be). We’re headed to the beach for vacation with friends! I can’t wait to get my freshly pedicured feet in the sand, build sandcastles with Jonah, and take long walks on the beach hunting for the perfect shell. Look at how cute Jonah was last summer on his first vacation….

Have a great week….I know we will!

Toddler Love

I’ve been watching one of Jonah’s little friends from church for the past two weeks while her grandmother, who usually watches her, is out of town. I was happy to help out and make a little extra vacation money and I knew Jonah would enjoy having someone to play with. The first day Addyson was here Jonah could hardly control himself. He was sooooooo excited!! They had so much fun playing together the first day. Jonah went to sleep talking about Addyson and wondering where she was. The first word out of his mouth the next morning was “Addyson?” We explored outside, blew bubbles, threw the ball, made a cardboard playhouse, played in the kiddie pool and napped like there was no tomorrow. I even got brave enough to take them both to the Riverpark and play (could’ve used a double stroller for this one). We’ve definitely had lots of fun.

One day I told Jonah to tell Addyson “night, night” before naptime and he went in for a hug….or so I thought…and he kissed her! Which reminded me of a story my dad tells about a little boy kissing me and my funny response. (Apparently, I slapped the little boy and said “Nobody kisses me, but my mommy and daddy!” HaHa!) Now I’m the mommy of the little affectionate boy! Nothing like a little toddler love….

By Wednesday, the novelty started to wear off and the toddler fights started. Jonah came to the realization that she was around to stay and was feeling a bit territorial……especially about his Lightning McQueen car or anything else Addyson had in her hand. They have both been little stinkers at times and seemed to thrive on stealing toys from each other….it’s been a constant battle for me. Normally Jonah is pretty easy-going when other kids are at our house to play, but I guess the extended stay of Addyson has thrown him into unknown territory of jealousy and sharing. He hasn’t dealt very well with it. I’ve seen things from Jonah the past 2 weeks that are very uncharacteristic of him….hitting, kicking, screaming “NO! Mine!”, and snatching toys from people. No amount of time-out, mean mommy voice or spankings have seemed to phase it. It’s been hard to watch these things come out of Jonah, but it has given me an even deeper understanding of God’s love and grace. (I can’t imagine the pain he feels when he watches me sin, be disciplined, repent, and then do the same sin all over again!)
Even with all of the toddler screams and hitting, Jonah still loves Addyson. She’s the first thing he talks about when he wakes up and the last thing he talks about before bedtime. During bedtime prayers, Ray will ask Jonah who he wants to pray for. He always responds with “Saddyson” (the way he says her name) and then he might say “Gake” (Jake-one of his best friends from church & small group). Needless to say, he might go through withdrawals when the week is over and Addyson doesn’t make her daily trip to our house. Luckily we’ll be on vacation with friends immediately after…maybe this will help him cope without her.