InstaFriday 7-26-13

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in InstaFriday. I’ve missed it. I have found it to be one of my favorite ways to recap what we’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of our everyday life as well…

Asher has a thing for getting in baskets. He’s such a silly boy these days. He’s started to laugh, cover up his mouth and say, “I’m so funny.” That’s for sure.

Asher in a basket

I’ve been eating better since we got back from vacation. And by better, I mean I’m in a self-inflicted food bootcamp. I’ve radically changed my diet to try to eliminate some health issues. It’s worked, but gosh, I want a cinnamon roll. To keep me from being too tempted to cheat I stayed home to write instead of going to Panera…because they have lots of bread there. I can’t have bread right now. Boo-to-the-hoo.

Sad Sara

We are in the middle of updating all of our paperwork for the adoption. I had planned on staying in my pajamas as long as possible that day. It didn’t happen. I had to make a mad dash to the post office to overnight some papers to USCIS (Immigration).¬† I’ll jump hoops and pay a ransom for you, little one. Anything for you to be home.


I took the boys downtown to see a train exhibit at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. The Lionel Collectors Club of America was having a convention and they set up their trains. The public was invited for free! We made a day of it by looking at the trains for a while and then riding the trolley. Asher and Jonah both got to ring the bell on the trolley. They loved this. Jonah kept thanking me over and over for taking them. He’s such a sweet boy.

Chattanooga Choo-Choo


ringing the trolley bell

Asher has discovered the Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin. Surprisingly, he didn’t make a huge mess.

Rice Sensory Bin

What have you been up to this week? Tell me in the comments.


I love Fridays and sharing a glimpse of our week through my iphone photos. Absolutely love it…it’s like scrapbooking for lazy girls.

In light of Asher’s “Failure to Thrive” scare, I took lots of evidence that he does, in fact, sit in a highchair with food on the tray. We found out that homeboy likes avocado, which helped him gain 5 ounces in a week. 5 glorious ounces!


I’m thinking Curious George would be the most appropriate 1st birthday theme for this monkey…


Happy Helper dusted all my baseboards and then started dusting my doors with his old sock dusting rag. You’re welcome future daughter-in-law.

Happy Helper did such a fantastic job that I paid him the $3 he needed to ride the train at the mall. He was ecstatic. Also…the train conductor stopped the train because my excited baby had his arm out the window waving at people. As in, stopped the train and walked back to our train car to tell me to keep his hand inside. Yeah.

train ride

I sent off a custom crayon roll order for my Etsy shop, Stitches by Sara. I really liked the way this one turned out.

crayon roll order

We celebrated our 6th Anniversary and Father’s Day on the same day. It didn’t work out for us to go out alone, but we had “Fancy Dinner” at home…complete with our wedding china. Jonah loved “fancy dinner” and used the shrimp fork as his salad fork. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this kid?

shrimp fork



I walked the aisles of Target with Captain America. He’s a fierce little fellow.

Captain America

Happy Friday! What have you been up to this week?

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Happy Friday!

I love slow, quiet mornings that involve my coffee and a cinnamon roll. They are my favorite. Using my Dean & Deluca coffee mug makes me think of the trip I took during college to visit my sister in NYC. I bought it the morning I stood outside The Today Show.

coffee and cinnamon roll
We’ve been practicing reading and writing three-letter words with Jonah. He’s working so hard! He wrote BED all by himself without my help. (I said the word first, and then he wrote the sounds that he heard.) He was so proud he wanted me to take a picture to show Daddy after work.


Asher found the easel paper and started unrolling it toilet paper style. He then proceeded to eat the chalk that I had “hidden” from him. He is already so mischievous. He just looks at me and cackles when he knows he’s into something.

Easel Paper

Then he climbed in the fireplace…

Fireplace Baby

Every single time I put ferns on my front porch I end up in a fight with the birds about where they should and should not build their nest. This year, the bird won. I’m so intrigued with the difference in the eggs. One is speckled and the other is not. The speckled egg is also larger. The problem with bird nests in my ferns is that I don’t want my fern to die, so I water it. I am hoping the momma bird doesn’t abandon them due to my watering habit because then I’ll have to Google things.

bird nest

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I spent a little time with a long lost friend…

embroidery machine

Unfortunately, she’s a little sick and needs to go to the doctor to get a tune-up and realignment…

embroidery mishap

The good news: I finished part of my project list and a present for our friend Titus in spite of my embroidery machine acting weird. Isn’t this embroidered camping chair the cutest?!?! More of these are on my list when I get my machine back from the repair shop.

embroidered chair

Asher got his own mini baby pool so he could join in the fun without drowning. He liked it. Look at that big toothless grin!

water baby

Funny thing is, he didn’t stay in here for long. He wanted to get in brother’s big pool…of course.

pool envy

Everyone say it with me, “Awwwwww.”

pool brothers

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Again with the standing in baskets…

Toy Basket Baby Happy Brown House

My flowers are making me happy. The vincas are so bright and colorful. I caught this one as it was unfurling, and it struck me as so lovely. It looks like a perfectly pink pinwheel.


Hydrangeas are my favorite. My hydrangea bush is a transplant from my granny-in-law’s yard. It is from the same bush that we got the flowers for my wedding bouquet. In Granny’s yard they are blue…my soil always makes them pink. I’m working on the soil and trying to coax them to turn blue. These are still lovely…

pink Hydrangea

Asher got quiet…never a good sign. I found him in a diaper box.

Diaper Box

I’ve slowly been working on removing the most stubborn, ugly, orangey-red paint from a dresser that I bought a year ago at a yard sale when I was very pregnant. It’s amazing what a little elbow grease does for the soul.

red paint

Although, it was a slightly weird moment when my neighbor decided to come talk to me as I was looking oh, so fashionable and sweating like a pig.

DIY Girl


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It’s been a while since I’ve participated in InstaFriday, but I’m back and ready to share! I really need to figure out a new system for keeping up, so if you are a fellow InstaFriday poster, feel free to share your system in the comments.

For now, I’m playing catch up…

Asher found the toilet paper. We’ve now had to retrain ourselves and Jonah to keep the bathroom door closed. This boy and his antics keep me on my toes!

Asher toilet paper Happy Brown House

I crossed something off my cooking “bucket list” and made homemade tortilla shells. Don’t be fooled, it was out of necessity. In an effort to avoid going to the store (or sending Ray for me), I tried my hand at tortillas. They weren’t too hard after I got the hang of it. Ironically, I still ended up sending Ray to the store for something else. Ack!

Homemade Tortillas Happy Brown house

I made some killer cupcakes with perfect looking icing.

Perfect cupcakes Happy Brown House

This is the worst part of making cupcakes. It is not so glamorous.

washing dishes Happy Brown House

Catnapper fell asleep on me during Sunday Dinner at Granny’s house. Translation: In the South, “Sunday Dinner” is what others call lunch. Supper is the evening meal, not dinner.

Catnapper napping Happy Brown House

I got happy mail from Hope Ink! Sometimes it pays to have fast fingers on Twitter. I snagged her random giveaway tweet.

Happy Mail

Sunset masterpieces are my favorite. Jonah said this was me yelling, “Noooooooo! Stop that!” Sounds about accurate these days. Gotta love child drawing psychology.

Sunset Masterpiece Happy Brown House

Sneak peek of our house. I kinda love it. A lot.

Happy Brown House

This week’s blog posts brought to you by Panera writing sessions. Mr. Happy Brown House must have read my blog post about needing breathing room. He’s pretty fantastic, even when I don’t deserve it…which is most of the time.

Panera Writing Session

I’ve been reading, tweeting, sharing and crying over the Compassion Blogger posts this week. My friend Jolanthe (my real-life, hugged-her-last weekend friend) is on the trip with Compassion to Tanzania, Africa. Won’t you check out their posts and consider sponsoring a child?

Compassion Bloggers: Tanzania 2012

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InstaFriday: Truly Living

After this week’s post about Special Time & Living Fully, I made sure I really lived! I soaked up time with my boys this week.

We headed to the Library for Story Time and heard stories about butterflies. Jonah made a butterfly puppet. (Sidenote: Do you go to your local library for story time? Ours is FANTASTIC! Seriously. It is the highlight of Tuesday mornings.) The timing of the butterfly theme was perfect considering we got our shipment of caterpillars this week from Insect Lore to observe the butterfly life cycle. I couldn’t have planned that one better if I’d tried!

We headed to the park for climbing, swinging, and a big dose of natural Vitamin D. We stuck Asher in the swing for the first time. I think he’s a fan, don’t you?

Big brother got to push little brother. This made my heart swell so much it burst into a million pieces right there on the playground. I am still in awe with His ways with me.

Jonah got his haircut. It should be noted that if Ms. Emily ever leaves Great Clips, Jonah will be one devastated boy. She’s the only one he will let touch his head. Serious tears if Ms. Emily isn’t there…we know her schedule now. As we waited for Jonah’s turn in the chair, he talked it up with an older gentleman. This boy could talk to a wall for an hour and you’ve already seen evidence of his imagination in this video…let’s just say that the man probably regretted saying hello. Jonah would not let him go about his business and just kept talking to him. I, on the other hand, was dying with muffled laughter at the randomness that is Jonah. It was hilarious. I may or may not have left the man to his own defenses because I wanted to see just how long Jonah would force him to talk. I think the man got a kick out of him, so he wasn’t bothered, but people, it was all I could do to keep from crying as I laughed.

We often joke that Jonah’s love language is eating out. One night he suggested we head over to a local frozen custard place. It was the best idea he’s had in a long time. I, of course, encouraged Mr. Happy Brown House to be the “Fun Dad” as he talked about bathtime and bedtime, but really it is because Nana’s Frozen Custard is my love language, too. I’ve trained Jonah well.

I enjoyed this Strawberry Shortcake…it was way bigger than I expected! It’s a good thing I’m still using breastfeeding as my excuse to eat. By the way, I’m never weaning if it means I can continue to eat at Nana’s regularly.

And this boy has learned how to splash during bathtime. We’ve also ditched the baby bathtub because he tries to climb out of it. Jonah thinks taking a bath with Asher is the funniest thing ever. Me? Well, I’m usually soaked. Laughing, but soaked thanks to this cutie…

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