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Look what I got…

in the mail yesterday! I am so excited! I heard about this book through The MOB Society and it immediately went on my list of books to read. I had a feeling it was something that I would go back, reread and possibly highlight, so I wanted to buy it. If you’ve been around the Happy Brown House […]

The Power of Words

My second post is up at The MOB Society today! Come on over and check it out. We’re talking about “The Power of Words”. Even if you don’t have a boy, I have a feeling this post applies to all of us. Happy Reading! Oh, and there is also a giveaway at the bottom of […]


Three years. Wow. I know it sounds so cliche’, but I swear yesterday I was feeling his first kick in my growing belly. I’m almost afraid to sleep tonight for fear that he’ll be graduating college when I wake up! Oh these days, these precious days. They slip away so fast. The tighter I try […]

The Art of Bedtime Stalling

I knew it was inevitable, but I didn’t know when to expect it to start. Apparently, the time has come. Little by little Jonah has started bedtime stalling. He’s good…very good. He’s so good that we didn’t even catch on to his tactics at first! Tonight’s bedtime stalling tactics included: singing an extra made-up song, trying to […]

Unfinished Projects

I don’t know what it is, but I am the QUEEN of Unfinished Projects these days. The worst part about it is that my unfinished projects are scattered throughout the entire house! Ray is such a patient man (usually), but my piles are starting to bother even me now! There is the DIY Play Kitchen from like 4 months […]

10 Favorite Disney Moments

**I’ve tried to get this to post for over a week. I was having trouble uploading the video clip. ** I take WAY too many pictures with my digital camera. I thought I would try to limit it to sharing my “Top Ten” List of Favorite Disney Moments. The giraffes standing in the trail during our […]

Giveaway Alert!

Have you been eyeing something in my Etsy shop, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Just wanted to let you know that you can go enter a giveaway for a Lil’ Artist Roll-up Set (includes crayon, marker, and pencil roll–$30 value) on Meghan’s blog! Head on over to get your entries in the mix!

There Is A Redeemer

I’ve heard this song several times this weekend. It is in my heart and on my lips today as I praise my Redeemer! Photo Source: There is a Redeemer, Jesus, God’s own son, Precious lamb of God, Messiah, Holy one, Jesus my redeemer, Name above all names, Precious lamb of God, Messiah, Oh, for […]

Disney World on a Budget

I received an email from April and thought I would include my answer on the blog for anyone else who might be wondering the same thing. April wrote: I was just reading your vacation blog and wondered, how do you budget a trip for WDW and not miss anything??? Help me out, would ya. Thanks. […]

10 Random Thoughts on Vacation

What’s the point of cleaning before you leave? As soon as you return and the suitcase explodes, you’re back at square one. It is always 10 degrees hotter inside Disney World. The minute we stepped out of the park the temperature dropped atleast 10 degrees. I think I sweat more than the average woman. Seriously. It’s gross. […]