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The Art of Bedtime Stalling

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I knew it was inevitable, but I didn't know when to expect it to start. Apparently, the time has come. Little by little Jonah has started bedtime stalling. He's good...very good. He's so good that we didn't even catch on to his tactics at first!

Tonight's bedtime stalling tactics included: singing an extra made-up song, trying to tell a story about his toys, and asking for extra hugs/kisses. The hardest part for me...stifling the giggles welling up within me.

Sharing is caring!

Stephanie @ The Helping Mommy & MomKaboodle

Friday 5th of November 2010

Ahhh, one of my fave parts of parenting is trying to stifle the giggles. Kids are so darn funny, aren't they? My youngest is almost 2 and I love watching her big personality emerging out of that cute little body of hers!

Thanks for sharing the smile - I love it!


Saturday 6th of November 2010

The bedtime stalling continues! Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!

Patty Patterson

Sunday 25th of July 2010

Awww.... how cute! And who couldn't resist a kid wanting a little extra loving? You've got yourself a charmer there!