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Three years. Wow. I know it sounds so cliche’, but I swear yesterday I was feeling his first kick in my growing belly. I’m almost afraid to sleep tonight for fear that he’ll be graduating college when I wake up! Oh these days, these precious days. They slip away so fast. The tighter I try to hold on to my baby, the more he wants to be a big boy. Just last week, Ray and I realized that Jonah will be “graduating” from the nursery and will be going to Sunday School like the big kids.
Jonah’s official party won’t be until Saturday with his friends, but I wanted to make today extra special for him. In between tackling one of my unfinished projects and naptime, I whipped up a cake. Ray’s Granny came over after Jonah and “Little Miss A”  woke up from their nap for a mini party. Jonah was probably the most excited  about eating his cake from the special birthday plate I painted at the pottery shop. He also really likes blowing out candles so we had to re-light the candles for him to do it again. 

We let Jonah open 2 small gifts and saved the rest for his other party–Train pieces for his Thomas train set and the “Ants in Your Pants” game. Of course, we had to open it and play! The game was perfect for a rainy afternoon laugh. Playing the game brought back happy memories from playing the same game with my sisters.
Normally, I cook favorite meals for birthday dinners, but Jonah requested to go to Chick-fil-A and play in the playground. How can you say no to such a simple request? So, off we went! Jonah ended up being the only kid in the playground and had a blast! Such a fun day!

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  1. Patty Patterson says:

    Chic-fil-a sounds good to me, too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONAH!!!!!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day-glad you had so much fun!

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