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Mommy & Me: Favorite Preschool Printable Resources

Not all of my Mommy & Me Activities are handmade. And most of the time, they are not even made by me. I’ll often print something I find and adapt it for Jonah’s readiness. I know that most of us are busy. While I try to show you easy things that anyone can make, sometimes […]

Frugal Friday: How I got $40 worth of books for FREE

FREE. It’s my favorite 4-letter word. Do you like it as much as I do? Last night I placed an order on for $40 worth of books and didn’t have to pay for them. FREE. See, I said that word again. Want to know my secret, too? Swagbucks, baby. Think about how often you […]

I’m at Totally Tots today!

Just wanted to let you know I am over at Totally Tots today sharing about our most recent astronaut adventure! I used this book as our starting point… You’ll have to visit my Totally Tots post to see the rest…

Winter Always Ends

I took a stroll around our little yard today. I took in some fresh-squeezed vitamin D, straight from the sun and I breathed fresh Tennessee air. Each breath I took was like someone popping grey balloons full of colorful paint that ran down a canvas making a beautiful piece of art. Almost like waking up […]

WFMW: Tumblr

I follow alot of blogs…like, seriously ALOT! It’s sorta ridiculous. I used to click the star next to posts I liked and wanted to return to in my Google Reader. (You are using Google Reader to keep up with blogs, right?) The problem I found with that was that I haven’t gone back to look […]

Love With a Side of Grace

Over the past week, I’ve been reminded to choose love and grace. And it’s becoming a mantra for me as I struggle to choose the unnatural, “Choose love. Choose grace. You can never go wrong when you choose these things.” Because it isn’t natural to choose these things. Sin makes it impossible for Love and […]

Content to Ignore

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the gravity of what God has revealed to me about orphans and the Church’s role in orphan care. And frankly, it’s messing me up inside…in a good way, I think. The problem with having these big things revealed though, is that nothing in my world looks the same. […]

When The Rumors Sound Grim… (Adoption Update)

We’ve been hearing rumors from others in the Ethiopian adoption circle. The grumblings sound grim and make our hearts ache at the news. It’s being reported that tomorrow, March 10th, Ethiopia will be cutting the adoptions being processed in the courts by 90%. Yes, you read that correctly, 90%. The number of adoptions being processed […]

10 Ways To Encourage A Home-bound Friend

While this post is highlighting ideas for someone home-bound, the ideas on this list could be used for all sorts of things! Encourage a mother-to-be on bed rest, a friend in the hospital, a family with a newborn, someone that doesn’t have family nearby, etc. As my blogging friend Laura so beautifully wrote, “Compassion is […]

Jonah Says…

Jonah: “Why is this page ripped?” Daddy: “You ripped it when you were a baby.” Jonah: “Nuh-uh. The baby ripped it.” Daddy: “The baby isn’t born yet, Jonah. It’s still in Mommy’s belly.” Jonah: “My baby brother ripped the page. It wasn’t me.” Mommy: “Brother? What if it’s a girl? Will you still be happy […]