Failure to Trive {Part 2}

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We’ve been walking this Failure to Thrive journey for five months now. Let me tell you, it’s not very fun. What started out as shock and denial that there could be anything wrong with our active boy, quickly changed to acceptance and answer-seeking.

We’ve been to feeding therapy. Did you even know there was such a thing? I didn’t until then. It was fascinating.

We’ve tried adding Pediasure supplements. I’m sure they might work for some kids, but Asher isn’t much of a fan, so he doesn’t drink enough of it to help.

Smoothie Baby

Today, he’s finally having an Upper GI scope done. I’m nervous and excited for answers at the same time. He’s a tough little guy. However, I still can’t help to wonder and ask the “What if…” questions and Google long medical terms. Thankfully, I know the One with the answers. The One that loves my son with an even fiercer love than mine. So today, I lean in close to the Father and let him comfort me.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. ~Zephaniah 3:17

Will you pray for Asher today? Thank you, friends. I’ll be updating over on Facebook throughout the day if you you’d like to keep up.

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  1. Praying my friend – for sweet Asher, but also for his momma. Giant hugs coming your way.

  2. We will be keeping Asher in our prayers!

  3. We are praying for you both.

  4. KMFC you get some answers

  5. My daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive 13 years ago. Boy, did I feel guilty! I just wanted to reassure you that God is in control. The testing revealed that she had reflux – then I couldn’t get the medicine in her. She hated it! More guilt. So, I stopped, turned it all over to the Lord (this is not medical advice), and it all worked out. Years later I hear infomercials about this particular drug, a class action suit, etc. and I now know why she refused it. I state this to say that you are the parents of this child, you know him and know what is best for him. You know the Healer. Just keep that in mind on this journey. Our prayers are with you!

  6. How did it go? How long will it take to get the results back? Prayers coming your way!

  7. I found your website and like it. I will pray for your son. Have you tried giving him the pediasure through one of those tylenol dispensers (those things that look like a shot, and you pull it back then squirt it in the side of their mouth in their cheek and they swallow it right away). My son, as a baby, used to not drink water, and so I would give him a few squirts of it throughout the day in that medicine dispenser (minus the medicine!) Maybe you could freeze it in popsicle sticks and let him suck on it? Best wishes.

  8. I am sending prayers and praying through Is. 49:15b-16 for you and Asher.

  9. Praying!!

  10. I feel like I’m so behind…
    How is he doing now?
    I’m so sorry I missed this…

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