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Again with the standing in baskets...

Toy Basket Baby Happy Brown House

My flowers are making me happy. The vincas are so bright and colorful. I caught this one as it was unfurling, and it struck me as so lovely. It looks like a perfectly pink pinwheel.


Hydrangeas are my favorite. My hydrangea bush is a transplant from my granny-in-law's yard. It is from the same bush that we got the flowers for my wedding bouquet. In Granny's yard they are soil always makes them pink. I'm working on the soil and trying to coax them to turn blue. These are still lovely...

pink Hydrangea

Asher got quiet...never a good sign. I found him in a diaper box.

Diaper Box

I've slowly been working on removing the most stubborn, ugly, orangey-red paint from a dresser that I bought a year ago at a yard sale when I was very pregnant. It's amazing what a little elbow grease does for the soul.

red paint

Although, it was a slightly weird moment when my neighbor decided to come talk to me as I was looking oh, so fashionable and sweating like a pig.

DIY Girl


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Sharing is caring!

Susi aka Sinead

Thursday 31st of May 2012

You get very clear and good pictures with your phone! The flower is lovely. I'm trying to choose right now what to plant in my garden. I want everything, lol!


Thursday 31st of May 2012

I think the better the lighting, the better the picture. My outside photos are always super clear, but not always the case indoors. I'm the same way when deciding about flowers. I am so indecisive in the garden department.

JDaniel4's Mom

Tuesday 29th of May 2012

Boxes and baskets were JDaniel's favorite things to climb into.