Leaf Family Portrait {and commentary from Jonah}

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We’ve been having a blast at the Happy Brown House with some of our favorite Fall/Leaf books, specifically Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. It’s lead to quite a few activities–most of which you can read about over at Totally Tots today!

But because I love you, dear readers, and feel like you might need a laugh just as much as I do, I will share with this gem of a picture and the “behind-the-scenes” commentary from Jonah….

Leaf Family

We’ll call this masterpiece “Leaf Family”…if you will. Jonah’s words are in bold. Mommy’s words are in fancy-shmancy brackets {’cause they’re pretty and all the bloggers use them}.  You’ll have to excuse my commentary, it’s 4:00 AM when I’m writing this, and after a sleepless night, I’m feeling a tad “testy”. I’ve finally given up on sleep since Asher will be up to eat again soon.

Leaf Mommy (far left) has big hair. {This picture was made while I was still in my “morning-glory-still-drinking-my-first-cup-of-coffee” stage and yes, I had big hair. Fresh from the bed and sticking up all over big hair. Apparently, this is how it translates on paper.}

Leaf Jonah (second from the left) has a tiny head. {I’m not sure what this was about. I thought it was supposed to be Asher, but he informed me that wasn’t the case. Maybe he’s been to see the head-shrinking tribe? That would account for the manners lost since the baby came.}

Leaf Daddy (third from the left) has a pipe. It’s one of those things that you put in your mouth and blow and smoke comes out. {Say what?!? Not only has he never seen a pipe or someone smoking one, but where in the world did this come from? Real Daddy doesn’t smoke. This led to a “smoking is bad” conversation. We’ll revisit it in the future.}

Leaf Asher (far right) has blue hair. {At this point,  that’s the least of my worries!}

By the way, I got all of this conversation on video. Classic. If I wasn’t technology-challenged when it came to my video camera, I would share it. Wonder if Leaf Mommy knows how to work a video camera?

Update: You can see the Leaf Family Video and all of Jonah’s personal commentary. Apparently, we should blame it on Frosty.

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  1. Pat Reynolds says:

    Just a wonderful commentary and a great morning boast for me with my coffee! Thank you!

  2. Margaret Hunter says:

    A little armchair psycology from Granny…….Check the whole Asher to the whole Jonah. He is feeling smaller. But its all part of the change and adjustment. It will go together eventually. Its all about love and attention. You are good parents so I know it will be fine. I know you are stack feeding now but put Jonah on the other side and have talks or pretends. Relax it will all change again very soon. Get some sleep Mommy its very important, I know easier said than done…..I have been there and done that.
    I love you guys so much

  3. lol so greattttt!!!


  4. Margaret Hunter says:

    Oh I thought you might like to know a bit of my experience with a new baby. Remembered fondly with laughter. They were 18 months apart. So talking was pretty much useless and nursing was always on the run. The 18 mo old was getting attention the best way he knew…..getting into things. His favorite was to open the oven door so he could reach the top of the stove. Throwing 6 dozen folded diapers on the floor. Untying the kitchen cupboard doors (yes he could). Then dragging pans all over the kitchen. It was constant and I learned the football hold really fast. Then it made me crazy now it makes me laugh.

  5. Sara! I can’t quit laughing! We’re talking full blown, belly jiggling laughter! A PIPE! I would have thought maybe it was a Veggie Tale thing, since Larry has one sometimes. But his has bubbles!!! Clearly, Daddy’s blows smoke!! I wish I could hear it! Thank you so much for the laugh!

  6. What is it they say???
    Actions speak louder than words?
    Is the Brown House full of big-blue-haired-pipe-smokers….?
    I’m cracking up 🙂


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