I headed to the 2:1 conference last weekend after finding out that someone anonymously sponsored my ticket. Talk about humbled! I mean, really humbled considering that my blogging has been scattered and unpredictable for quite some time. There were no strings attached other than going. If my anonymous sponsor reads this, I cannot thank you enough.

No matter how much I made excuses for me to not go, the Lord knew that I needed to be there. He made it happen. He also laid it on Mr. Happy Brown House’s heart to make sure that I was there, too. Shout out to my husband for being one amazing guy…he watched the kids in the hotel room for 3 days while I went to sessions! Most of the time, he was found in the hallway outside of our room with Asher while Jonah was asleep. And yes, friends…he is like this at home, too. It wasn’t just for show. He spoils me and is a true partner.

Back to the conference…

I needed to hear every single session I went to. I needed to hear every single word spoken to me. From homeschool related encouragement to tearing down the lies that have been whispered to me while I’ve been bouncing a clingy, colicky, catnapper of a baby at all hours of the night…I needed every single word. These ladies, they spoke life-giving words. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They prayed over me.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there all skeptical and wondering if a blog conference could really be all of those things. I mean, isn’t it supposed to be about tech stuff and networking?

Yes and no.

2:1 Conference is a Christian Homeschool Bloggers Conference, so by default it is different. God surrounded me with some of the people I needed to hear from the most.

These women were lifelines for this girl who feels like she had fallen out of the boat and was being tossed by the waves.

I got to hug  some of my Totally Tots writing team. (From left to right: Jodi, Maureen, Carisa, and Jolanthe) I love these ladies and wish we could hang out much more often in real life.

Totally Tots Writing Team

I also got to hug Stephanie, who writes at The MOB Society with me. Friends, she is a precious friend to me. She brought her youngest with her who is slightly younger than Asher.

These are real-life friends, not just avatars on my computer. We are in secret Facebook groups together. We encourage each other and pray for each other regularly. And, these are my “people”. They get this this crazy blogging thing. They get why we are homeschooling because they homeschool.

Most importantly, they love the Father and continuously point me to Him.

(*Many thanks to Jodi for the Totally Tots group photo!)


  1. LOVE that you were able to go and came away so encouraged! 🙂
    And LOVE when God surprises like that…when He just knows it’s something we need.

  2. ((Sara)) and same here!

  3. It was wonderful meeting you! You are right, God knew just what we needed to hear. The words spoken were truly amazing and hit home! So thankful to have this group of ladies to pray when we need it!

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