Mommy & Me: Portable Puppet Theater

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Portable Puppet Theater1Jonah and I have had some puppet fun this week! I got tired of our fancy puppet theater that kept coming apart and made up a portable, easily stored Puppet Theater with a science project display board. Now Jonah can play puppets whenever he feels like it, without Mommy having to get everything set up. He’s loving the independence he’s gained…and so is Mommy! He’s been retelling a few of his favorite stories which encourages all kinds of literacy skills.

Want to see the tutorial?

You’ll have to visit Totally Tots to get the full details.

Portable Puppet Theater2Here are a few favorites we found on Amazon to go with our Portable Puppet Theater. Save up your Swagbucks and get a set! (Remember how I got $40 worth of books for FREE? I’ve got another $20 waiting on me to decide what to get from Amazon for FREE!)

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Also, if you live near an Ikea or will visit one in the future, I found some great finger puppets there!  It’s worth it to look next time you go!

Happy Mommy & Me time! Go enjoy your kids!

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  1. I still love puppet shows. I think because you can be so spontaneous. My kids and I use
    our closets or a table as our stage. We do not have such a fancy sage like you but I think moms just have to try it. Its something different and fun.

  2. I have an extra board like that in the school room…fun idea!
    Going to let the big kids entertain our Little 🙂

  3. What a great idea! After a few times of running around town trying to find a science board the night before a project was due, I made it a habit to keep a spare one in the closet. Now I know what to use it for now that we’re done with science projects! Thanks for sharing.

    • Let me know if you make one! I’d love to see it! Enjoy! (Oh, and keeping an extra science board around is brilliant for last minute projects!)

  4. very cute idea…my kids used to love to put on puppet shows when they were toddler and preschool aged…fun fun!


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