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An "Ordinary" Yard Sale Saturday…

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We had a yard sale yesterday to give our debt snowball a little boost of extra momentum. We loaded everything up in Ray's Papaw's old beater truck & trailer and headed over to Granny's yard. She gets more traffic than our subdivision. It was a lot of work, especially to load it up and set up at another house, but it was totally worth it! With every dollar I placed in my apron pocket, I could feel the weight of debt getting lighter. I was giddy. Ray was too. Debt-free life here we come!

After the end of the day, we loaded up the leftover junk things and headed home in the truck. (Jonah stayed with Granny and Aunt Diana.) Ray was trying to back the trailer of junk things down our steep driveway, but since the truck lacks power was very difficult to get it right. Ray's shoulder has been hurting (and may need rotator cuff surgery if he'd ever go to the doctor to check on it, ahem). The pain in his shoulder made it harder to turn the steering wheel. He got frustrated and turned around in the cul-de-sac.

As we headed down the driveway, the brakes stopped working. Yes, as in FAILED. While this isn't really desirable for normal people, this is extremely scary for us....we have a 30 foot drop-off at the end of our driveway! Um, yeah. not. good. at. all.

Ray made a split second decision to turn the wheel and go over the curb, putting our deck in jeopardy. He also put the gear into park. We stopped "just in the nick of time."

Heart Pounding,
Thoughts Racing,
Visions of movie scenes danced in my head...
What did I do next?....

I rolled up the window.

Oh yes, I did.
Ray couldn't believe it either. He was panicking and wanted me to climb out of the truck immediately.


I was unusually calm...I still am. I had this overwhelming feeling of security. God's presence. His hand guiding us to safety...and I rejoice! Sure, there are lots of the "what if..." questions that I could be asking. But really, I don't want to think about them. Instead, I choose to proclaim God's provision for our life on an "ordinary" yard sale Saturday. Oh, how he loves us!


Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 15th of September 2010

Oh My Goodness! So glad you are okay!! That is so scary. What's not scary is getting out of debt. We are out of debt except for our house and it feels great!!!

Coffee Queen

Sunday 12th of September 2010


Are those bifold doors in the back of the truck...LOL

I need some that are 28 inches.

Wonderfully Sew Knit

Monday 6th of September 2010

That was quite scary to read...even knowing that you were okay enough to post it. LOL Thank God for quick thinking and guidance!