There’s just something about being a cousin…a connection. Even if you’re not together often, you pick up right where you left off. Your hearts share a language. No one has to tell you that you’re family or teach you how to be a cousin…it just comes naturally. Sure, you fight over toys or who will […]

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Over Memorial Day weekend we took Jonah to his first “official” ballgame! We’re lucky to have a Minor League team in Chattanooga, which is great for summer fun! We chose a night that would have fireworks after the game for an extra special treat. I’ll admit, we weren’t sure how he’d do with the fireworks. […]

Obligatory Easter 2011 Pics

Dear Grandparents and extended family…this post is for you! So, we’ve hit a stage where Jonah makes a weird face and doesn’t want to cooperate in front of the camera….I’m not gonna lie, it aggravated me and I fussed before church Easter morning. I fussed even more when he did a “baseball slide like Uncle […]

Toddler Chores

What I didn’t show you during my Mommy & Me:Rainbow Rice post… The easy way to clean-up: give your child the dustbuster and let them go to town! Yep, works for me!

The Official Soccer Mom

It’s official…I’m a soccer mom with a minivan.  We’ve added waking up on Saturday mornings to take Jonah to soccer into our schedule. Look at how cute he is in his soccer gear, complete with Spiderman sunglasses…   I was a little hesitant about putting him in a sport at 3 years old. I really, […]


Three years. Wow. I know it sounds so cliche’, but I swear yesterday I was feeling his first kick in my growing belly. I’m almost afraid to sleep tonight for fear that he’ll be graduating college when I wake up! Oh these days, these precious days. They slip away so fast. The tighter I try […]

The Art of Bedtime Stalling

I knew it was inevitable, but I didn’t know when to expect it to start. Apparently, the time has come. Little by little Jonah has started bedtime stalling. He’s good…very good. He’s so good that we didn’t even catch on to his tactics at first! Tonight’s bedtime stalling tactics included: singing an extra made-up song, trying to […]


You just have to unplug for a while. That’s what I’ve been up to. Unplugged and living (when I normally would’ve had my nose in a laptop)! We’ve been enjoying each other–sitting on the couch snuggling, running through the sprinkler, eating popsicles on the porch, meeting halfway to talk to neighbors, watching church softball games, […]

A Visit From Aunt Rachel!

We enjoyed a day of Aunt Rachel all to ourselves this week. She lives far away from us, so we don’t get to see her often enough. We took her downtown to eat, ride the carousel, and explore Coolidge Park. We had planned on walking the Walnut Street Bridge, but didn’t get very far…Jonah spied the […]

Operation Underwear

Remember a while back when I showed you this picture? Yeah, well we were only beginning to dabble in potty training. Potty Training is hard work! Constant reminding + Accidents = One tired mommy! We introduced the potty to Jonah after his second birthday, but didn’t make a big deal of it. He started to use […]