The Art of Bedtime Stalling

I knew it was inevitable, but I didn’t know when to expect it to start. Apparently, the time has come. Little by little Jonah has started bedtime stalling. He’s good…very good. He’s so good that we didn’t even catch on to his tactics at first! Tonight’s bedtime stalling tactics included: singing an extra made-up song, trying to […]

10 Favorite Disney Moments

**I’ve tried to get this to post for over a week. I was having trouble uploading the video clip. ** I take WAY too many pictures with my digital camera. I thought I would try to limit it to sharing my “Top Ten” List of Favorite Disney Moments. The giraffes standing in the trail during our […]

Disney World on a Budget

I received an email from April and thought I would include my answer on the blog for anyone else who might be wondering the same thing. April wrote: I was just reading your vacation blog and wondered, how do you budget a trip for WDW and not miss anything??? Help me out, would ya. Thanks. […]

10 Random Thoughts on Vacation

What’s the point of cleaning before you leave? As soon as you return and the suitcase explodes, you’re back at square one. It is always 10 degrees hotter inside Disney World. The minute we stepped out of the park the temperature dropped atleast 10 degrees. I think I sweat more than the average woman. Seriously. It’s gross. […]

By the numbers…

1 Ring 2 Cruises 1 House 2 College Degrees 1 “Positive” test 6 Hospitalizations in 9 months 1 Baby 3 Cars 1 Yard Sale 1 Trip to Disney 4 years…1,460 Days and counting…. Happy Anniversary!  

Jonah says…

“What is all this junk in here? You made a mess!”(We painted the last 2 days and had to move some things out of their normal place into a pile. Apparently, it bothered Jonah to have things out of place.)

A Visit From Aunt Rachel!

We enjoyed a day of Aunt Rachel all to ourselves this week. She lives far away from us, so we don’t get to see her often enough. We took her downtown to eat, ride the carousel, and explore Coolidge Park. We had planned on walking the Walnut Street Bridge, but didn’t get very far…Jonah spied the […]

Jonah says…

I normally try to spread out my “Jonah says” posts, but since this blog is a scrapbook of sorts for me, I have to post this conversation with Jonah before I forget! (That way it can make it into the “real” scrapbook one day! Hopefully…) Mommy: What a big boy you are! Your pull-up is still […]

Jonah says…

Last night, as Jonah laid his head on his pillow he said, “Ahh. Perfect.” Oh, how I love this funny little boy!

Operation Underwear

Remember a while back when I showed you this picture? Yeah, well we were only beginning to dabble in potty training. Potty Training is hard work! Constant reminding + Accidents = One tired mommy! We introduced the potty to Jonah after his second birthday, but didn’t make a big deal of it. He started to use […]