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Balloon Science Experiments for Kids

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These Balloon Science Experiments for Kids will have the kids excited about learning science in no time. Kids love balloons. Kids love fun science experiments. Add them together and you've got an afternoon full of fun! You are sure to find some science experiments with balloons that you'll want to do right away. Some of these would even make fun balloon science fair projects.

Recently, I found a pack of balloons leftover from a birthday party. Knowing we would use them in the fall for our homeschool curriculum, I placed them with our school things. The only problem? My kids found the balloons. Instead of just blowing them up and letting them play keep-away from each other I set them up with some science experiments to keep them busy.

These Balloon Science Experiments for kids are sure to excite the kids while they learn a little science, too. Make a balloon rocket, light up a light bulb with a balloon, blow up a balloon with a little chemistry, and more. This is one balloon science experiment you won't want to miss! #balloon #scienceexperiment #experiment #homeschool #kids #learningactivities #kbnmoms #ihsnet #science

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For the safety of your children, please supervise balloon activities at all times. Do not leave children unattended with balloons.

Did you know you can make a light bulb glow with a balloon? You totally can. Your kids will be amazed with this Magic Light Bulb Balloon Science Experiment.

child\'s left hand holding a blue balloon over a light bulb in their right hand, black background

Kids will love learning how to blow up a balloon with simple household ingredients without using their mouth . There are two different ways to try to blow up a balloon in this link.

Add a little science to the swimming pool by making Balloon Boats.

Kids will love learning How to Make a Hovercraft with only a few simple steps. My boys will love this!

Kids will be amazed at how the Water Bottle Fountain works. Heck, even I'm fascinated by it!

Similar to the balloon boats above, you could make Balloon Rockets. My boys did this one over and over!

A yellow balloon taped to a straw with a yarn through it, making a track for the balloon to propel itself forward with air

Watch the momentum of the Spinning Penny in a Balloon.

Got a Lego lover at your house? Make a Balloon Powered Lego Car  and have a race!

Explore the effects of hot and cold air on a balloon. Your kids will be amazed!

Kids will love the science trick of bending water with their hair and a balloon. Static Electricity at its finest!

Want more science experiments for kids? Try these:

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Jasmine P

Tuesday 8th of July 2014

What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 8th of July 2014

My granddaughter is such a science fanatic that these activities are right down her alley. Love them!