Jonah Says…

Jonah:  “When does Ethiopia open in the morning? I’m ready to go get my baby.” Mommy: “Me too, buddy. Me too.” Unfortunately, our adoption journey has only begun. It will be a while. Plus, there’s this whole surprise pregnancy thing we’ve got going on. Yep, it will be a while, but the wait is so […]


Photo Credit: Ken Wilcox via Flickr Allow me to be honest for a moment… The financial part of adoption has me completely overwhelmed. It’s a crazy-big number with lots of zeroes.  And yet, I am confident that God will provide with His holy calling. But sometimes, deep down in my soul, I question where all […]

Adoption FAQ #3: Why Don’t You Just Foster Adopt?

When we talk about adopting, the conversation usually goes like this… “There are soooo many children that need families in America. Have you thought about Fostering-to-Adopt?” Then I have to decide which answer to give…Usually I go with the long answer, but wish I was brave enough to say the short. ________________________________________________________ Short Answer: There […]

The Kindness Of Friends

When I went to Relevant, I scrimped and saved to get there. Now,  I’m not usually much of a “girly-girl”, but I realized that I would be seeing my online friends in real-life for the first time. A sense of panic rose from somewhere deep inside and insecurity bubbled to the surface for various reasons. […]

Jonah says…

Mommy: “Jonah, do you want us to get a boy or a girl from Ethiopia?” Jonah: “I want a girl” Mommy: “I thought you said you wanted a brother? Did you change your mind?” Jonah: “Well…I want a boy AND a girl. We can get a whole bunch of babies, Mommy. That would be fun. […]

Adoption FAQ #2: Why Ethiopia?

Ah, this is a fun story…. When we submitted ourselves to God’s call to adopt, our next question was “Where, Lord? There are so many orphans. How can we possibly pick a country?” We asked Him to show us–close every door, except the one we’re supposed to go through. He did. If I’ve ever had […]

Adoption FAQ #1: Why Adopt?

A Little Background… Ray and I have always known that we would adopt at some point in our life together. It was a personal desire for both of us, before we even knew each other. When we talked about adopting, it was always in the “someday” category. We had our plan—have a couple kids naturally […]

Go Ahead And Ask…

Since we announced our adoption, we’ve been asked a LOT of questions. Some of them have been asked out of honest curiosity. Other questions have been out of concern…almost like someone placing their hand on our forehead to check to see if we have a fever. Whatever the circumstance, we knew they would come. It’s […]

How YOU can change OUR world…

Early last week I asked the question, “How are YOU changing the world?” And really, there wasn’t a correct answer. The answers you gave were beautiful. And you are—-changing the world that is. Even those of you that thought “Hmm, the only thing I’ve done today is wipe bottoms and put food in front of a […]

An Important Announcement…

God has been moving in our hearts. We’ve always wanted to adopt, but had it placed in a “someday” category. You know, after we had 2.5 kids, a house, a dog, and a white picket fence. After 2 years of waiting for the infamous pink line and Jonah asking for a baby, we began to […]