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Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Twisting

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Developing Fine Motor Skills Series from @happybrownhouse

Twisting items is a tricky little skill that we depend upon most often when opening containers. It is a life skill, really~you have to be able to open the milk jug or the peanut butter jar to quiet your growling stomach. Without the twisting skill, we'd all be walking around really hungry.

Twisting Station

Repurpose a few empty water bottles, juice containers, jars, etc. by setting up a Twisting Station. Allow children to practice opening and closing the containers. To make it a little more fun, provide objects to place inside the containers. Or, better yet, add the Twisting Station containers to the sensory tub. Provide some scoops and funnels for them to fill up the containers with the rainbow rice, beans, etc. and let them go!

Nuts & Bolts

Gather nuts & bolts for your little one to practice twisting. If you provide several sizes, your child will have to math up the correct nut and bolt before twisting. This is trickier than it looks for little hands!

Twisting nuts and bolts for fine motor skills practice from @happybrownhouse

Twisting nuts and bolts~fine motor skills @happybrownhouse


Similar to using styrofoam for hammering practice, why not let your child practice using a screwdriver with styrofoam? My son gives this activity two thumbs-up. He's a big fan of using Daddy's tools!

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