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Pirate Birthday Party: Treasure Chest Cake

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Treasure Chest Cake

I can't claim this idea from Family Fun, but I can point you to the video tutorial!

A few thoughts: Making this cake was slightly frustrating....but then again, it could've just been me. My cake was a little too crumbly and caused me issues when I tried to frost it. Possibly humidity and summer heat?  Putting the cake in the freezer for a little while probably would have helped....but it was too late by the time I realized this, so I marched on through. The top kept sliding off the back and didn't have the open treasure chest look I was going for (and the original picture showed). But, in the spirit of making things work, I just kept adding gold coins until it looked better. In the end, the birthday boy was happy and that's the only thing that matters!

Treasure Chest Cake 2

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Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 9th of August 2011

Cute cake! A couple years back I did a pirate ship cake, and I had some cake leftover so I made a little treasure chest on an island. It was really fun - but time-consuming!

JIll Childre

Sunday 7th of August 2011

How Fun! You did a great job! I have a "caking" blog too! The Happy Caker It's a work in progress. Baking is so fun...especially for our sweet little ones!

Michelle Hardy

Friday 5th of August 2011

I made this cake for Aidan 3 years in a row! He loved helping me make it. Last year we made the "jewels" and "coins" with candy molds and candy melts. He really enjoyed helping make those. Alas, this year he turned 8 and decided that he was too "grown up" for the treasure chest cake.

Kara @ The Chuppies

Friday 5th of August 2011

This is so so fun! Love the idea of the "overflowing" treasure chest! :) Side note--butterflies ordered! (thanks for finding the new deal :)


Friday 5th of August 2011

You're welcome!

Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory

Friday 5th of August 2011

ohh my word what a cute cake!! WTG!


Friday 5th of August 2011

Thanks Lindsay! I was planning on doing a Pirate Hat cake from Family Fun, but Jonah saw this on the computer and talked me into changing plans. It was a fun cake, just a little difficult in the summer heat!