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Treasures For You...

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Since I've been posting about Jonah's Pirate Birthday Party, it's only natural that I share a few hidden treasures with you! Trust me, we'll be back to the the last of the Pirate Party details soon...

Treasure #1:  I posted over at The MOB Society about the Hidden Treasure we've found over the past 10 months. I'd love it if you came over to visit and support me over there! And no, it has nothing to do with the pirates!
Mothers of Boys

Treasure #2:  I've got another blog post up at Totally Tots! This time I posted about "The Funny Font Book" and how to address some of those "funny letters" that confuse kids when they come across a different font than they are used to. Also, it includes a FREE download for readers!

totally tots

Treasure #3:  The other site I write for, Pennies & Blessings, is hosting a giveaway bash all week! There are some great prizes, including one from my shop on Saturday (8-13-11). Be sure to head over there each day to enter!

Pennies and Blessings

Sharing is caring!

Kara @ The Chuppies

Sunday 14th of August 2011

Always appreciate the M.O.B. posts... Side note--the caterpillars are forming their cocoons...and that last link you sent for the groupon ended up being only the shipping $6.99? (I think it was) for the whole deal...THANK YOU!!! :)

What week are we on with baby now?


Thursday 11th of August 2011

I read your post over at M.O.B. Society. I was devastated by the Depraved Indifference video back before Christmas. I'm also having my heart broken right now by a orphan boy in China. I look forward to following your journey in adoption.

Blessings, Paige


Friday 12th of August 2011

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello, Paige!