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Frugal Tips

WFMW: Toddler Chores

November 2, 2010

What I didn’t show you during my Mommy & Me:Rainbow Rice post… The easy way to clean-up: give your child the dustbuster and let them go to town! Yep, works for me!  

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Mommy & Me: Rainbow Rice

October 19, 2010

Jonah and I had some rainbow fun! We used the same method we used last year for dying pasta to mix up a batch of Rainbow Rice. Jonah has been having loads of fun moving rainbow rice with his little bulldozer from his Nana. We’ve even had a treasure hunt in the rice! Why rainbow rice? […]

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Thoughts On Canning…

September 23, 2010

 Wear tennis shoes. Your feet and back will thank you. Drink lots of water. I got lost in the task at hand and realized I was soooooo thirsty. Plus, if you drink lots of water, you’ll have a built-in break Bring in the reinforcements! It’s always more fun to have an extra hand or two to […]

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A Canning Girl’s Best Friend…

September 22, 2010

Tennis Shoes.

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10 Ideas for Frugal Fall Fun

September 7, 2010

Go Apple Picking! Last year, we canned homemade applesauce. We’re still enjoying last year’s bounty! You can find local orchards at by searching on Go Pumpkin Picking! Most places have hayrides and other fun things going on. You can also search for this on Visit the local Farmer’s Market or Craft Fair! This weekend […]

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Mommy & Me Monday: Look, Jump, Letter Stomp

August 30, 2010

Here is a fun little game that Jonah loves to play when we’re outside! I’ve named it “Look and Jump, Letter Stomp”. All you need is some space and sidewalk chalk! Cheap & Easy! I wrote letters J and A in an alternating pattern along the sidewalk. I switched it up every once in a […]

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Mommy & Me Monday: Sidewalk Chalk Paint

August 9, 2010

Ever since I painted the bathroom this summer, Jonah has been asking to paint. For some reason, I had been avoiding it with him. Weird. Yes. Especially since I taught in a paint-friendly kindergarten. I finally decided it was time to quit avoiding paint and make our own Sidewalk Chalk Paint! It’s very easy to […]

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