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Winter Letter Tile Spelling Mat

Happy Winter! One of my popular items on Happy Brown House is theĀ Letter Tile Spelling Mats Bundle for Seasons and Celebrations in my blog shop and I wanted to share the Winter Letter Tile Printable with you. Some of the people that have purchased the bundle have already been using this with their kids and […]

The Biggest Obstacle to Open-Ended Play

One of the biggest obstacles to open-ended play is time. Too often, a child’s day is too scheduled to allow them the time to immerse themselves in make-believe. With the hurry and the rush, rush, rushing to and fro for activities, kids barely have time to read a book and snuggle before bed, let alone […]

Simple Science: How to Make a Volcano with Kids

While we were studying rocks and volcanoes during one of our homeschool units, we made a simple volcano using household items. Making a volcano with kids is an easy and fun science activity. Little ones are fascinated by the fizzy “lava” and can’t wait to do the activity again. Materials small disposable paper cup playdough […]