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100 Screen-free Summer Activities for Kids

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I don't know about you, but I want our summers to be as screen-free as possible. Kids should get outside and play instead of plopping down in front of a television or spending hours on the iPad. With childhood obesity on the rise, it's more important than ever to get kids off the couch. I've gathered up some of the best Screen-free Summer Activities for Kids to keep your kids occupied and having fun while making the most of the summer. Whether it's playing in the sprinkler or blowing bubbles, summer time should be full of fun!

Need to keep the kids busy this summer? Keep the kids smiling with this list of 100 Easy and Fun Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids. #summer #kids #fun #kidsactivities

100 Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids

1. Go geocaching

2. Take a nature walk (Don't forget to take a nature walk bag with you! Need ideas for what to do on a nature walk? Here are 100 Easy and Fun Creative Nature Walk Ideas.)

3. Run through the sprinkler

4. Blow bubbles

5. Play in a rainbow rice sensory bin

6. Build a blanket fort and read by flashlight

7. Play a board game

8. Zoom a Balloon Rocket across the room

9. Ride bikes

10. Build with straws and pipe cleaners

11. Play with vinegar and baking soda to have some Fizzy Fine Motor Fun

12. Shoot water guns

13. Throw water balloons (These rapid fill water balloons are the best!)

14. Play at a park. Try a new one to keep things interesting

15. Make a worm observation jar

16. Draw with chalk pastels (Our favorite chalk art tutorials are from You Are an Artist.)

17. Play tic-tac-toe

18. Make homemade playdough

19. Do a Random Act of Kindness. Here's a list of 100 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids to give you some ideas

20. Make a lightbulb light up with a balloon with the coolest science experiment there is--The Magic Lightbulb Balloon Science Experiment

21. Set up a treasure hunt

22. Dress up in costumes (Here are some creative dress-up ideas for boys and girls.)

23. Have a paper airplane competition

24. Have a picnic

25. Make a puppet show

26. Blow up a balloon with sugar and yeast

27. Blow up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda

28. Create a comic book

29. Make an obstacle course

30. Play in a Soap Foam Sensory Bin

31. Pretend you are an archaeologist digging in the sand

32. Paint flower pots and plant some flowers

33. Read a book. Here are some great books for kids

34. Play a bean bag tossing game with homemade bean bags

35. Make a Viking Ship Craft

36. Make a maze and challenge someone to complete it

37. Make a Torn Paper Nest Craft

38. Play hide and seek

39. Make a volcano

40. Create a cardboard rocketship and pretend you're an astronaut

41. Make a sundial

42. Create sock puppets

43. Go on a letter hunt

44. Make marble art with shaving cream and food coloring

45. Get some hammering practice in and play Pound the Sound

46. Make a knight shield

47. Play Letter Stomp

48. Make a scrapbook from your summer vacation

49. Make paper plate masks

50. Play croquet

51. Create clay sculptures

52. Create paper bag puppets

53. Catch fireflies

54. Make moon craters in flour

55. Play badminton

56. Shoot slingshots

57. Have fun with Sidewalk Paint Rockets

58. Make Gelatin Birdseed Feeders and watch the birds (Don't forget the binoculars!)

59. Play in the mud

60. Build a solar oven and bake a treat in it

61. Make a picture with stickers and write a story about it

62. Make Tin Can Stilts and walk around

63. Make friendship bracelets

64. Fly a kite

65. Catch bugs and observe them

66. Draw a picture in a summer journal

67. Fingerpaint a masterpiece

68. Go for a swim

69. Jump rope

70. Make slime (Use The Ultimate Slime Guide for some tips!)

71. Create kindness rocks and hide them in your neighborhood

72. Paint with watercolors

73. Write a letter and mail it (Try some fun stationary!)

74. Play flashlight hide and seek one night

75. Go stargazing

76. Make a project using items from the recycling bin

77. Learn to knit/crochet

78. Do a puzzle

79. Turn on some music and practice your dance moves

80. Wash the car

81. Watch a sunset

82. Use a camera, not your phone, to take pictures of what interests you (It's a little pricey, but kids love Polaroids!)

83. Take a bubble bath and play

84. Go fishing

85. Play card games

86. Do a Mad Lib

87. Sing karaoke

88. Learn how to cook (We use the Kids Cook Real Food Course and love it!)

89. Help in the garden (Here are some garden tools for kids)

90. Do origami

91. Sell lemonade

92. Lay in the grass and cloud watch

93. Draw a self-portrait

94. Build with Legos

95. Play hopscotch

96. Have toy car races

97. Make leaf rubbings

98. Go to storytime at the library or bookstore

99. Have a tea party

100. Do a science experiment

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