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Easy Science Experiments for Kids

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Over the years I've written about lots of easy science experiments for kids. These science activities are super fun and most of the time they can be done with just a few materials in a short amount of time. All of the science experiments I have shared have been kid-tested and approved by my two boys. Because of these activities, my kids beg to do science and are disappointed when we don't get to it during our homeschool day. These easy science experiments for kids are a great place to start when you need to add a little fun into your day. Kids love them and are always begging to do them again. You should definitely try them all!

This list of easy science experiments for kids is the first place you should go for kids science activities! There are lots of good ideas for science fair projects for kids and STEM activities. Most if not all of the science experiments in this list only need a few materials and are quick to do.

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Moon Crater Science Experiment

Magic Light Bulb Balloon Science Experiment

Testing for Air

Balloon Science Experiments for Kids

Observing Snowflakes

Observing Worms

How to Make a Volcano With Kids

How to Make a Sundial With Kids

Sugar & Yeast Balloon Experiment

Vinegar & Baking Soda Balloon Experiment

Soda & Candy Balloon Science Experiment

Balloon Rocket STEM Activity

Recommended Resources for Easy Science Experiments for Kids

We use and recommend Green Kid Crafts for a monthly STEAM box subscription. They send everything you need for the activities straight to your mailbox. If your kids like science, you should definitely check out Green Kid Crafts.


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