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Awesome Book Lists for Kids

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At our house, we love children's books. That's why I love sharing book lists for kids. I always like to give my readers a glimpse into our carefully curated library bag. On any given day, you will see us curled up on the couch reading books from our latest trip to the library.

These are awesome book lists for kids! This growing list of books for kids is perfect to help you plan a unit study for your classroom or homeschool. These carefully curated lists of books are perfect for making your next trip to the library a success. This list will help you find the best books for kids. #books #kids #reading #literacy #unitstudy #homeschool #teaching #learning

As a former teacher turned homeschool mom, I have hundreds of books lining the shelves in our homeschool room. I love to use books for unit studies in our homeschool. In my opinion, nothing rounds out a unit study quite like a stack of good children's books.

I like to search for quality books for unit studies, often searching the library and the used book store. The lists on this page are books that we have used for our own homeschool unit studies. Since I was a former teacher and now homeschool my children, I've gathered the lists of books for kids with unit studies in mind.

However, you don't have to use these list for teaching or homeschooling! These awesome books for kids are perfect for finding the perfect book for snuggling up on the couch together and reading just for reading's sake. These themed book lists for kids are great for kids who can't get enough of one topic, too.

The lists of books for kids is broken up into categories to help you find them easier. They are also placed in alphabetical order for your convenience. As we continue to share more book lists, this page will grow and change, so be sure to save it to use as a future reference.

Animal Books for Kids

Worm Books for Kids

Geography Books for Kids

Geography Books for Kids

Africa Books for Kids

Australia Books for Kids

Canada Books for Kids

China Books for Kids

France Books for Kids

India Books for Kids

Japan Books for Kids

Mexico Books for Kids

Russia Books for Kids

Science Books for Kids

Rainforest Books for Kids

Holiday & Seasonal Books for Kids

Meaningful Easter Books that Teach about the Resurrection

Groundhogs Day Activities and Books for Kids

Nativity Books for Kids

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Winter Books for Kids

Famous People Books for Kids

Martin Luther King, Jr. Books for Kids

Miscellaneous Books for Kids

Great Living Books for Teaching History

Picture Books about Building with Blocks, Engineering, and Architecture

Reading Resources

Can't get enough book lists for kids? These books for adults include great book lists for kids. I consult them when I need some inspiration.

Honey for a Child's Heart

Honey for a Teen's Heart

The Read-Aloud Family

Jim Trelease's Read Aloud Handbook

More Great Kid Resources

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Busy Bag Ideas for Kids

Fine Motor Skills Development in Kids

Fine Motor Skills Activities for Kids

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