Name Puzzle Busy Bag

While my 4 year old can spell and recognize his name, we’ve recently been working on spelling the names of other family members. I made this Name Puzzle Busy Bag for him to practice spelling and recognizing names with materials I had around the house. He loves puzzles so this was a perfect busy bag for him. To help him recognize the names, I added pictures for everyone in the family and used a different color for each of the names puzzles.

Does your child need to learn their name? These DIY Name Puzzles Busy Bag for Preschoolers are perfect to teach names

Name Puzzle Busy Bag


DIY Name Puzzle Busy Bag

Use the marker to write your child’s name on the Sentence Strip. If your child is just learning their name, you could only include their name in the busy bag. I included the names of everyone in the family for our busy bag because my 4 year old is already able to spell his name. I also used a different color for each person and added a pucture for each name puzzle.

DIY Photo Name Puzzle Busy Bag for preschoolers

Laminate the name puzzles.

Cut between the letters. You will want to make different “designs” with your scissors for each cut. For example, wavy lines, jagged lines, curved lines, etc.

DIY Name Puzzle Busy Bag for preschoolers

Place the puzzles in a bag for storage.

When it is time to play with this busy bag, have your child put the puzzles together.

Tip: If they need help, make another strip that has their name on it and leave it intact. Allow them to use it to help them find the next letter. They can use it as a reference, or use it to match up the letters by laying the pieces on top.

Other Ideas for Puzzle Strip Busy Bags:

  • Putting numbers in order
  • Sight Words
  • Simple sentences

DIY Name Puzzle Busy Bag


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