Developing Fine Motor Skills Series

Developing Fine Motor Skills Series from @happybrownhouse

Did you miss the Developing Fine Motor Skills Series? You can find all the posts below.

Day 1: What are fine motor skills and why develop them?

Day 2: 10 Ways to Boost the Power of Playdough

Day 3: Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Tearing

Day 4: Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Cutting

Day 5: Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Pinching

Day 6: Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Lacing

Day 7: Focus on Fine Motor Skills~Twisting

Day 8: 100 Household Items for Fine Motor Skills

Day 9: The Natural Next Step~Writing

Day 10: 10 Favorite Toys for Fine Motor Fun

I’ve found that I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg with the Fine Motor Skills Series and I have so much more to say in the coming weeks. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to get updates sent straight to your email inbox.


  1. […] I’ve convinced you during the 10 Days of Developing Fine Motor Skills Series that providing opportunities for your child to develop fine motor skills are important and worthy […]

  2. […] they start picking up small snacks off their highchair. There are lots of basic play activities for developing fine motor skills┬áthat can be set up easily with things around the house. See my Developing Fine Motor Skills Series […]

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