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Do you like Free Printables? Then this is the page for you! Here’s a list of all the free printables available on Happy Brown House.

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These printables are free for personal or classroom use!  Everything on this site is copyrighted and may not be republished or sold in any form. For more information, please see my Terms of Use. Some of my printables have been packaged into bundle packs for quick, easy downloading.  You’ll find links to purchase bundle packs on this page.

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Letter Tile Spelling Mats

These Letter Tile Spelling Mats are a Subscriber-Only Freebie. You can subscribe to Happy Brown House blog posts to receive 27 pages of Color Words, Number Words, and Shape Words in the Letter Tile Spelling Mats designed by Happy Brown House.

Letter Tiles Spelling Mats free printable colors, numbers, and shapes

Seasons & Celebrations Letter Tile Spelling Mats

After the success of the Letter Tile Spelling Mats Subscriber Freebie, we decided to add Season & Holiday Letter Tile Spelling Mats. These are slowly being released for each season and holiday, but you can purchase the entire Letter Tile Spelling Mats {Seasons & Celebrations Bundle} to save time downloading individually and waiting for the next season or holiday to be released.

Free Printable Summer Letter Tile Spelling Mats

Olympics Letter Tiles Spelling Mats

Free Printable Construction Letter Tile Spelling Mat by

Parking Lot Game

This beginning math game is a lot of fun for kids that love cars!

Parking Lot Game

Funny Font Book

This book was designed to expose children to different fonts and help them understand that letters can look a little different in this digital world, but an A is still and A.

Funny Font Book

Letter Hunt Printable

This Letter Hunt Printable is a fun activity to have early readers search for letters in magazines and cut them out, or use stickers to place on the Letter Hunt Printable page.

Letter Hunt Free Printable

Homeschool Assignment & Chore Sheet

Get your homeschool student organized with this Assignment and Chore Sheet!

Free Printable Assignment and Chore Sheets for Homeschool from

Roll-A-Monster Game

This game is a fun way to practice identifying numbers on dice for preschoolers. Plus, they get to build a monster!

Roll-a-Monster Game {Free Printable} from Happy Brown House

B is for Bugs Fingerprint Page

Teach the letter B with this adorable fingerprint activity!

B is for Bugs Fingerprint Art Printable


“My” Sight Word Book

Teach the sight word “my” using personal objects like hands, feet, and your child’s name.

“My” Sight Word Book

Oviparous Animals Printables

Oviparous Animals Pictures & Sort

Fairy Tale Character ABC Order

Those silly fairytale characters go mixed up! Put them back in ABC Order.

Fairytale Alphabetical Order (Free Printable)

Build-A-Minion Busy Bag

Free Printable Build-a-Minion Busy Bag Game

Stay tuned for more!